Dezvoltare Blog / Blog Development

The aim of the Blog
Our mission is to contribute to the creation of better companies, better people and better lives. We strongly believe that this can be done through the discipline called management represented by all its dimensions.

The aim of “The Management Blog” is to encourage the dialog between all people that believe in our mission, want to support it and are willing to share their knowledge, expertise and perspectives that they hold in the field of organizational management and development.

We wish to hold conversations that are full of substance and to learn from them. We do this in an open and honest manner. The goal is to enrich and improve the managerial practice in Romania and so, to deliver great results.

The recommendations
Here are a number of guidelines for our blog discussions:

  • raise the level of discussion: present serious, relevant and interesting stuff;
  • write, comment and act professionally;
  • don’t just comment, drive conclusions;
  • share the information, knowledge and insight;
  • support the learning;
  • be practical, mix concepts with real life;
  • be ethical with regard to the entities involved (companies and people);
  • if you use specific sources of information, please mention them.

The conversations
If you read a post on the blog please leave a comment. In this way you contribute to the conversation. It is very important that we keep the level of conversation as high as possible in terms of content relevance and the possibility of translating it into practice. We want to hold pragmatic conversations.

The comments posted on the blog do not require approval, but they are moderated. Offensive comments, of all types, will be deleted. We therefore ask you to maintain a professional line. But that doesn’t mean to give up to good humor.

The contributions
If you wish to contribute with articles and initiate discussions on the blog please send us an e-mail message on our address: Please prepare the following information besides the article itself:

  • name and position that you currently hold (how do you want to be introduced) and a photo of yours;
  • if the article contains photos please mention their sources and their descriptions;
  • links to other sites if that is the case;
  • o short introduction to the article (excerpt).

The posts and comments on our blog are not financially compensated in any way. We understand that your desire to contribute to the blog is motivated only by your wish to help with the achievement of its objective. Of course, you will receive credit for your contribution. Links to other sites will be mentioned if that will be the case. Please read the Terms of Publishing (see bellow) before sending us any material. By e-mailing us a material intended for posting you declare that you agree with these terms.

Terms of publishing
By submitting and article to be posted on “The Management Blog” you grant ROSS Consultants a non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free, worldwide license to copy, modify, adapt, translate, reproduce, transmit and distribute the material through its website and other electronic means.

You declare and warrant that:

  • you own the content submitted for publication by you or that you have the right for granting the license as mentioned above;
  • the material that you submit does not infringe the intellectual property rights, the publishing rights, the contract rights, the privacy rights or any rights of an individual or organization;
  • you accept to pay any amounts of money that would be due to any entity by the posting of the material submitted by you.

The contents of this blog is the property of ROSS Consultants and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Except for the articles submitted by you, you may not copy, modify, translate, publish, display, transmit, distribute and sell the contents owned by ROSS Consultants.

ROSS Consultants will not post any content from your submission that contains inadequate language or that may be regarded as obscene, offensive, insulting or that may be harmful or threatening to the safety of a person or organization.

If you are uncertain as to whether your submission violates the above guidelines please let us know of the information you possess in order for us to analyze the case before posting.

Date: 30th of January , 2014