Construirea Echipei / Team Building

The application of the Action Learning Principles provides participants with answers on how they behave when working with others, what is the impact of their behaviours and what they should improve in order to ensure their success within the team. All this combined with interesting and dynamic team activities.

Ingredients for team success

This program is based on a series of exercises that involve team members in simulations of real life business situations and asks them to behave in certain ways in order to achieve specific objectives.

The exercises are different in content, length and complexity. They require players to contribute and interact in such a way that the ingredients of a successful team are displayed and exploited effectively:

  • encouragement of personal contribution;
  • good communication;
  • effective co-ordination;
  • planning and organising before acting;
  • problem solving through creativity;
  • involvement in decision making;
  • trust and team values.

Learning through action

Each exercise is designed to require certain skills and behaviours in order for the team to achieve its objectives. In this way the participants have the opportunity not only to understand the relevance and importance of the above ingredients for team performance, but they also have the chance to test and apply in practice what they learn.