Conducerea pentru Performanta / Leadership for Performance

We believe that leadership potential and abilities are not linked to organizational hierarchy. Companies that want to develop leaders among their staff have to look for high potential employees in all areas of the business and at all levels, engage them into coherent development programs and give them the opportunity to lead.

Understanding leadership

“Leadership for Performance” is designed to support such an approach by providing the fundamentals for an adequate understanding of the leadership practice and the development of leadership skills.

Leadership and performance

The program addresses the expectations of people from their leaders in terms of personal attributes and contributions; it provides a good understanding of what leadership is through the examination of several different definitions; it engages participants into a conversation about leadership skills and ways to develop them. Most of all, it presents the values, attitudes and approaches to leadership that are linked to performance, effectiveness and results.

Leadership and culture

One important benefit of the program is that its impact can go beyond the individual development of participants. The program supports the introduction and nurturing of a positive, constructive culture within the organization, a culture that is oriented towards both achieving results and engaging with people.