Traversarea Granitelor / Border Crossing

We help eliminating barriers between individuals and between teams, repairing dysfunctional intra and cross-departmental processes and relationships and removing bottlenecks, constraints and tension points. We do all that in order to improve the performance of individuals, teams and of the overall organization.

The stages of the project are as follows:

  • Diagnose the relationships within and between teams, identify strengths and weaknesses, identify performance issues;
  • Analyze the findings, establish priorities in addressing the issues, develop solutions to eliminate them and improve performance;
  • Make decisions about the corrective actions and implement them;
  • Monitor the results of decisions and their impact on team performance.

The team members are actively involved in all phases of the project and this allows them to understand the nature of the problems and their causes, to take part in the development of solutions for teamwork improvement, to contribute to the collective decisions and to be motivated to apply them in practice.

The most important characteristic of the project is a pragmatic approach of the actual situation of the team. Some other methods and instruments for teamwork improvement can be used in order to support the project, including training programs, that will provide a better understanding of what effective teamwork means.