Eficacitatea la Locul de Muncă / How to Be Effective at Work

Individual thinking styles and values, effectiveness and efficiency, accountability, problem solving, communication, time management, decision-making, management of conflicts and teamwork are very important topics that influence individual performance. We address all of them in order to help people deliver outstanding results.

Personal effectiveness – a matter of self-management

The program includes a wide range of activities and methods that bring a lot of interaction and dynamism to the learning process. Both the content and the format of the program will help participants to build a solid foundation of self-managing skills.

The first activity in the program is an assessment of individual thinking styles and values. The information generated in this step is linked with concepts and models presented in the other chapters of the program. In this way the participants will have a better chance of understanding themselves and their particular bias for applying into practice the various managerial instruments that are introduced to them. All this information is very useful when it comes to the development effort that follows the program.

Some of the objectives of this program are:

  • understanding and acquiring several instruments and skills for managing personal activities and relationships at work;
  • practical application of knowledge through the activities included in the program;
  • identification of personal development areas and action plans.