Modelul de Afacere / Business Model

Innovative companies change the “rules of the game” by reinventing their industries in order to stay ahead of the competition. This time the competitive advantage is not coming from product or process innovation but from the strategic innovation of the business model and the value chain.

In this project we address two very powerful subjects that provide unique opportunities for differentiation and competiveness: the business model and the value chain. The project is dedicated to companies that want to break away from traditional business models deeply entrenched in their industries.

The environment around organizations changes, still many companies continue to operate based on business models developed decades ago. Understanding the current business model of the company together with the changes in the internal and external environments is critical for taking advantage of these changes and for finding new opportunities to compete.

The value chain is the key to customer service and profitability. Adding valuable activities or improving them increases the value delivered to customers and translates into higher revenues. Simplifying, reconfiguring or even removing activities leads to increased internal efficiency and lower costs. By combining these two approaches in a strategic manner a company can really satisfy its main stakeholders – customers, shareholders, employees – today and tomorrow.