Concept Consultanta / Consulting Concept

Through consulting projects we stimulate and support managers and entrepreneurs to introduce large-scale changes into their organizations in order to improve their performance. We work very close with them and their teams in order to understand the context and their needs, to develop solutions that address those needs, to implement them and move their organizations forward.


Business strategy is crucial for the success of an enterprise. Therefore we emphasize approaches, models and processes that can be used to formulating a sound strategy. We also stress the interdependence between strategy and other organizational dimensions like structure, processes, systems, culture, competencies and resources.

Innovative companies change the “rules of the game” by reinventing their industries in order to stay ahead of the competition. This time the competitive advantage is not coming from product or process innovation but from the strategic innovation of the business model and the value chain.

Competencies, skills, attitudes and behaviours of people and their underlying assumptions, values and beliefs are key to the achievement of business strategy. By managing these factors at the corporate level we can develop a culture that will facilitate, support and finally determine a good performance of the organization.

A vision is a wonderful thing. It is the starting point of a journey. After all, you will only achieve what you dream at. Stephen Covey says that “all things are created twice. There is a mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation.” You first have to define what you want to accomplish then act in order to bring it to life.

The "Balanced Scorecard" represents a powerful tool for measuring results and provides managers with a comprehensive framework for translating the strategic objectives of their company into a coherent set of performance indicators. This instrument is widely used today by the best performing organizations in the world.

Through “Business Process Redesign” we aim to redefine from scratch the modus operandi of a company in order to radically improve its performance. The focus is on pragmatic innovation and creation of new processes, activities, structures, systems and relationships dedicated to delivering a superior organizational performance.

We help eliminating barriers between individuals and between teams, repairing dysfunctional intra and cross-departmental processes and relationships and removing bottlenecks, constraints and tension points. We do all that in order to improve the performance of individuals, teams and of the overall organization.

Our approach stands apart from other initiatives dedicated to improving customer experiences, interactions and relationships by focusing on the very thinking styles and shared values that determine the way members of an organization perceive, treat, work and relate to customers. The results are higher customer satisfaction and loyalty and superior performance.

The Resource Allocation Model maximizes the payout from a company’s portfolio of activities, products and services. This implies assessing the risk of current and prospective growth strategies, identifying alternatives of greater value and managing resources based on different business priorities and strategic & operational investments.

The Management Control framework is a formal system for strategy execution that covers key activities like strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, responsibility centre allocation, performance measurement and cost behaviour impact. Our methodology is scalable and adaptable to differentiated strategies and business sectors.

Our Gross Margin Management approach delivers superior profits and improved cash flow by tackling gross profit and gross margin through four key variances: price, cost, volume, mix. This is especially important for companies with large assortment of products that want to evaluate and optimize their gross margin investments and merchandising decisions.

The application of management accounting tools provides opportunities to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve cash flows by managing effectively key topics like product profitability, customer profitability, total cost management, competitors’ cost benchmarking, transfer pricing methodology and working capital management.

By Transforming the Finance Function, we aim to change processes and practices in order to maximize their effectiveness and their impact across the business. It is about transforming and outsourcing transactional volume activities within the finance function in order to increase tasks efficiency and release resources for business support.