Sinergia Echipei / Team Synergy

Many times the formation and development of a highly effective team doesn’t come naturally. Our program helps a team focus on the subject of team effectiveness as a consequence of synergy between quality of results, derived from rational processes and acceptance of results, derived from interpersonal processes.

Understanding team dynamics

After forming a group its members need to undertake a learning process by which to understand the way they work and behave as individuals and as a team, their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses and their opportunities for doing things better. They also need to learn about strategies and steps to be taken and instruments and measures to be used by team members in order for them to work together in an effective and efficient way.

Team effectiveness

The “Team Synergy” program helps those individuals that want to do all that. It concentrates on the subject of team effectiveness through achieving the synergy between two components: quality of results, derived from the rational processes that take place inside the team, and acceptance of results, derived from the interpersonal processes that emerge from the interaction of team members.

The topics of the program are:

  • individual styles and values;
  • the concept of team synergy;
  • building a culture of quality;
  • a constructive approach to work;
  • personal development;
  • improvement of team performance.

Thinking styles and teamwork

At the beginning of the program the participants have the chance to go through an individual assessment of their thinking styles, values and attitudes that influence the way they approach work and people. The results of this assessment will be linked later on with the other subjects in the program helping participants to make the connection between their current approach and the one they aspire to.