Management pentru Succes / Management for Success

The essence of our solution for the development of managerial skills is represented by the “Management By Managerial Instruments (MBMI)” method. According to it, the success of the managerial action depends on the capability of the manager to use the most appropriate approach to a specific context and a desired result.

Managerial skills and instruments

“Management for Success” is a powerful training program that touches on the concepts, instruments and skills that are critical to ensuring a good management of activities, individuals and interpersonal relationships at work. The list of areas addressed by the program includes:

  • individual thinking styles;
  • managerial skills and instruments;
  • performance management;
  • management of activities;
  • information management;
  • Human Resources management;
  • team management.

The virtuous cycle of management

The various instruments in the above areas can be used within the framework that we are proposing by applying the following cyclical steps:

  • developing a portfolio of managerial instruments dedicated to cover various needs;
  • understanding the context and defining the desired results;
  • selecting and applying the most appropriate approach to the situation at hand;
  • learning by analyzing the results and adjusting the approach if necessary.

The objective of the program is to improve the knowledge, understanding, skills and finally the managerial performance of participants. For this reason the program is recommended especially to team leaders, project managers, department managers and function managers.