Sistemul de Control Managerial / Management Control System

The Management Control framework is a formal system for strategy execution that covers key activities like strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, responsibility centre allocation, performance measurement and cost behaviour impact. Our methodology is scalable and adaptable to differentiated strategies and business sectors.

Management Control and Performance

We all know that a business strategy is as good as the success of its implementation: focusing and setting priorities, doing the right things, meeting milestones, delivering on commitments. Through our approach to management control we ensure excellence in execution, from strategy development to implementation of business plans and operational decisions.

Management Control System includes a recurring cycle of activities like strategic planning, budgeting, coordinating the actions of all parts of the organization, performance measurement and reward, evaluating and communicating information, decision making regarding activities and resources and finally supporting people in delivering performance. The central purpose of our project is to assure goal congruence amongst company’s managers so that individual actions taken to achieve individual goals contribute also to achieving the organization’s goals.

Expertise and Tools

Our approach comprises both financial and non-financial performance measures: the monetary ‘bottom line’, the net income complemented by market share, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and employee engagement. The methodology is scalable and adaptable to differentiated strategies and business sectors: traditional, services and online.

The integrated framework that will be developed and implemented during this project includes the following key elements within a timetable tailored by the company’s business calendar:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • Resource allocation;
  • Performance measurement;
  • Evaluation and reward;
  • Responsibility centre allocation;
  • Cost behaviour and transfer pricing

Methodology and Benefits

The following key activities are part of our methodology for undertaking the MCS project:

  • Diagnose the current Management Control Environment;
  • Develop, change and implement: strategic planning process; budget preparation; rolling forecast and sensitivity analysis; financial performance measurement and KPIs;
  • Select and implement appropriate mechanics and scorecards for tracking monthly and quarterly results;
  • Create, collect and analyse data and information;
  • Monitor and feedback in relation to results and expected outcomes;
  • Train and transfer knowledge to company’s key users (controllers, finance managers);
  • Institutionalize the MCS best practices for continuous improvement.