Management de proiect / Project management

At the end of this program the participants will have a better understanding of what project management is. They will also have a demonstration of how the PROMISE methodology works in practice and, very important, the first results of the application of their new knowledge to a real-life project.

The project management methodology

The overall objective of the program is to help an organization run its projects successfuly through the introduction and utilization of a project management methodology. The main dimensions of the PROMISE methodology are:

  • The Project Framework;
  • The Project Control Cycle;
  • The Project Control Environment;
  • Project Definition and formal documents;
  • Project Team and roles;
  • Project Management procedures;
  • Management techniques.

The project framework – stages and gates

The Project Framework guides the progress of the project. It is made of Stages (defined periods of time within which work is performed) and Gates (that represent validation points of previous stages and entry points to next stages). The stages used in the PROMISE methodology are as follows:

  • Proposal;
  • Initial Investigation;
  • Detailed Investigation;
  • Development and Test;
  • Trial;
  • Release;
  • Post Implementation Review.

All topics are addressed during a 2-day workshop that contains two parts:

  • the seminar: that allows the presentation of the PROMISE methodology;
  • the case study: that facilitates the practical application of the metholdology to a specific project proposed by the client company.