Viziunea Companiei / Company Vision

Embark on a trip into the future of your organization. Explore your company’s fundamental reason for existence and what does it want to achieve. Identify the essential and enduring tenets that will guide the organization and its people in their journey into the future. And finally, envision how the world will evolve as a result of that.

Vision and leadership

A well-defined vision is a powerful instrument in leading an organization and in motivating its employees. It represents the starting point as well as the guiding star for the managerial action. It is the driving force for our actions and our decisions and it is a vital shaping factor to our organization. That is the reason why no one person should start leading without first defining and communicating a clear, powerful and inspiring vision.

The components of a vision statement

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras show in their book “Built to Last” that a well conceived corporate vision consists of two major components: Core Ideology and Envisioned Future. The core ideology is made of Core Values and Core Purpose. The envisioned future is made of A Long Term Goal and A Vivid Description of how the future will look like when the goal and the vision will be achieved. We are addressing all these ingredients during the program. The objective is to help you develop the cornerstones of your company’s vision and finally an ambitious and inspiring statement.