Obiective la Lucru / Objectives at Work

There is an old saying in the management practice: “what gets measured gets done”. However, we know that there are other important factors that need to be included also in this performance equation. And so, to try to put it right we may say “what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done”. And that’s for sure.

Performance Management

“Objectives at Work” is a training program dedicated to support the implementation of a performance management system based on the definition of organizational, departmental and individual objectives, of key performance indicators and of a performance tracking system that allows monitoring, analysis and decision making in order to ensure the achievement of business objectives.

The program addresses the most important aspects of performance management through the management of objectives such as:

  • the Balanced Scorecard;
  • the types and characteristics of objectives (SMART);
  • how to define objectives?;
  • the characteristics of key performance indicators;
  • how to define performance measures?;
  • the performance tracking system;
  • the analysis of indicators and decision making.

Learning through practical application

The program consists of a series of short seminars and group activities that are designed to facilitate the learning process and the practical application of concepts and methods of working with objectives and performance measures.