Strategia de Afaceri / Business Strategy

Business strategy is crucial for the success of an enterprise. Therefore we emphasize approaches, models and processes that can be used to formulating a sound strategy. We also stress the interdependence between strategy and other organizational dimensions like structure, processes, systems, culture, competencies and resources.

This project is for companies that want to develop and execute a deliberate strategy based on defining, building and sustaining a competitive advantage. The backbone of the approach is represented by finding answers to the following three critical questions:

  • Is my industry profitable?
  • Can I establish a competitive advantage?
  • Can I sustain the competitive advantage once I have it?

One important activity in the project is the “Strategy in Practice” training program that presents the most important models of business strategy analysis and that allows the participants to apply them to the context of their company.

Once the initial knowledge and understanding is in place the project team members will embark on a series of workshops and activities that will deepen their information about their company, their industry and their macro-environment and will allow them to make decisions on a number of strategic subjects like the macroeconomic environment – changes, threats and opportunities to compete; the industry – drivers, profitability and key success factors; the organization – strengths and weaknesses, resources and capabilities; the choices – generic strategies and strategic options; the decisions – goals and objectives, evaluation and implementation of strategies.

Strategy development is followed by strategy implementation – a task of a different nature, undertaken in conjunction with the conclusions derived from the previous stage and the specific context and conditions of the organization.