Viziunea Companiei / Company Vision

A vision is a wonderful thing. It is the starting point of a journey. After all, you will only achieve what you dream at. Stephen Covey says that “all things are created twice. There is a mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation.” You first have to define what you want to accomplish then act in order to bring it to life.

The long-term success

Many times a new business starts with a new product or service aimed at fulfilling unsatisfied needs in the market place. Other times a new endeavour starts with a vision of how an organization and its people will change the world. Still other times existing businesses need to reinvent themselves and establish new directions, new purposes and new ways of achieving them. In either case defining the vision, mission, values and principles of an organization represents a very important step for its long-term success.

Management and leadership

This project is about creating powerful instruments for leadership and management. Leadership because the members of the organization will envision the future of their company – a powerful anchor for all their actions. They will also define the company’s reason for existence and the values that underpin the way they work and live for the achievement of their mission. Management because once these high level concepts are established they will be translated into simple but effective principles that can be applied in practice.

Vision Development

The project is structured into a series of workshops that allow participants to develop the above dimensions. Besides brainstorming, argumentation and debate a key role is played by dedicated instruments and activities that support the approach of each subject. The facilitation and guidance from the consultant are other key factors for the success of the project.