Aptitudini Manageriale / Management Skills

How to Be Effective at Work – Managing Yourself

Individual thinking styles and values, effectiveness and efficiency, accountability, problem solving, communication, time management, decision-making, management of conflicts and teamwork represent very important topics for an individual’s performance. We address all of them in order to help people deliver outstanding results, by themselves, in the first place.

Management for Success – Managing Your Team

The essence of our solution dedicated to the development of managerial skills is represented by the “Managing With Instruments” method. According to it, the success of the managerial action depends on the ability of the manager to use the most appropriate approach/instrument to a specific context and desired results. We discuss therefore about the development and the exploitation of a portfolio of instruments for managing activities, resources, results, people and relationships.

The Human Side of Management – Managing With the Heart

The program addresses the key HR activities that managers are involved in from the perspective of human factors, interactions and relationships at work. It represents an open and honest conversation about the soft stuff that is increasingly becoming the hard stuff of a manager’s work, that is, working with people and achieving results through them.

You can find more information about these training programs by visiting our site at: http://www.rosscon.ro/en/training/. Please contact us to find out how can we cover the specific needs for developing the managerial skills within your company.

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