Cultură organizațională și performanță / Organizational culture and performance

We support the companies that want to deliver an outstanding performance and we propose to them organizational development solutions that are based on a formula that includes the following three components:

  • through business strategy we decide what we want to achieve and how we intend to accomplish the company’s mission;
  • a unified, coherent and effective performance management system helps us to translate the strategy into practice;
  • a performance driven organizational culture facilitates and supports the delivery of expected results and their long-term sustainability.

In our case, the adequate coverage of these strategic components is possible due to the knowledge and experiences that are embedded in following three solutions.

Business Strategy – Formulation and Implementation

Business strategy is crucial for the success of an enterprise. Therefore we emphasize approaches, models and processes that can be used to formulating a sound strategy. We also stress the interdependence between strategy and other organizational dimensions like structure, processes, systems, culture, competencies and resources. Our solution can support organizations that want to develop a Competitive Strategy and also those that want to develop a Blue Ocean Strategy.

Performance Management – A System for Strategy Execution

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure” said Peter Druker, the father of modern management, highlighting the importance of obtaining relevant information about the way the processes and activities of an organization are undertaken and about the results they produce. The “Balanced Scorecard” represents a powerful tool for measuring results and provides managers with a comprehensive framework for translating the strategic objectives of their company into a coherent set of performance indicators. This instrument is widely used today by the best performing organizations in the world.

Organizational Culture – From Intention to Realization

Competencies, skills, attitudes and behaviours of people and their underlying assumptions, values and beliefs are key to the achievement of business strategy. By managing these later factors at the individual level we can influence people’s responses to various life and work related stimuli. And by managing these factors at the corporate level we can develop an organizational culture and a work climate that will facilitate, support and finally determine a good performance of the company. In this way managing the corporate culture becomes vital in managing the corporate performance.

You can find more information about these solutions by visiting the consulting section of our website.

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