Stuidu, cercetare / Study, research

The project starts on 7th of July and ends on 31st of August 2015. The first national study on organizational culture in Romania was done by Human Synergistics Romania in 2008. ROSS Consultants facilitated the contribution of 11 companies out of the total 150 enterprises that participated in the project. We want to support again this initiative and we invite managers, HR specialists and employees that are interested in the climate of their work environment to help with the collection of data regarding their companies.

The benefits of participating to this project are:

  • identifying the developments and the evolutions that took place between the two studies: year 2015 and year 2008 respectively;
  • identifying the operational profile of the organizational culture generally present in Romania;
  • understading the performance impact of behaviors that are currently promoted inside organizations;
  • specific recommedations based on the most frequent behaviors identified within organizations;
  • acces to different levels of analysis: regions, fields of activity, business types, etc.;
  • understading the current national structure of work conditions;
  • understading national norms regarding work culture and organizational culture în the context of national culture.

The participant companies will receive all study results, free of charge.

Please contact us in order to get more information about the way you can contribute to this project.

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