Lucrul în Echipă / Teamwork

This is possible through the exploitation of benefits delivered by the following three solutions from our portfolio of services, each of them approaching team performance through different, but still complementary methods.

Border Crossing – Overcoming Performance Barriers

The purpose of this intervention is to improve the performance of a team through eliminating barriers between individuals and between teams, identifying dysfunctional intra and cross-departmental processes and relationships and finding solutions to eliminate bottlenecks, constraints and tension points that exist at interpersonal and interdepartmental level.

Operational Excellence – Aligning Processes, Structures And People

This solution is based on a “Business Process Redesign” approach that aims to define from scratch the way a department or organization functions in order to radically improve its performance. There are three phases in the project dealing with the identification of the current situation, the definition of the desired situation and the definition and execution of the transition from the current stage to the desired one.

Team Synergy – Creating a Highly Effective Team

Many times the formation and development of a highly effective team doesn’t come naturally. Its members need to undertake a learning process by which to understand the way they work and behave as individuals and as a team, their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses and their opportunities for doing things better. This training program helps a group of people to tackle the subject of team effectiveness through achieving synergy between quality of results, derived from the rational processes that take place inside the team, and acceptance of results, derived from the interpersonal processes that emerge from the interaction of team members.

You can find more information about these solutions by visiting the consulting and training sections of our site.

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