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Team Building – The Interactions Within The Team

The application of the Action Learning Principles provides participants with answers on how they behave when working with others, what is the impact of their behaviours and what they should improve in order to ensure their success within the team. All these are combined with interesting and dynamic team activities that involve participants in simulations of real life business situations and ask them to contribute and interact in such ways that the ingredients of a successful team are displayed and exploited effectively.

Team Development – The Belbin Team Roles

The training program is based on the well-known Team Role theory developed by Meredith Belbin and his team of researchers. At the end of the program every member will identify and decide to develop certain skills and behaviours that will allow them to contribute to the success of the team and in the same time will aim to avoid those roles that are not compatible with their inclinations. The team will work towards establishing a balance of contributions so that all team roles needed for a good performance are present and played effectively within the team.

Team Synergy – Creating A Highly Effective Team

After forming a group, its members need to undertake a learning process by which to understand the way they work and behave as individuals and as a team, their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses and their opportunities for improving their performance. The program concentrates on the subject of team effectiveness through achieving the synergy between two components: quality of results, derived from the rational processes that take place inside the team, and acceptance of results, derived from the interpersonal processes that emerge from the interaction of team members.

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