Management financiar / Financial Management

Financial Consulting for Business Results

We aim to facilitate the in-depth understanding and influence of organizations’ business strategy development and execution in order to identify new opportunities to improve their short-term performance and long-term competitiveness.

We provide to our clients knowledge, expertise and support in the following key areas of financial management:

  • Management Accounting Tools: identify new opportunities to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve cash flows by managing effectively key topics like product profitability, customer profitability, total cost management, competitors’ costs benchmarking, transfer pricing and working capital;
  • Management Control System: implement a formal system for strategy execution that covers the following activities: strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, responsibility centers allocation, performance measurement and cost behavior impact;
  • Gross Margin Management: deliver superior profits and improved cash flow by tackling gross profit and gross margin through 4 key variances: price, cost, volume, mix. This is especially important for companies with large assortments of products that want to evaluate and optimize their strategic gross margin investments and merchandising decisions;
  • Resource Allocation Model: maximize the pay-out from a company’s portfolio of activities, products and services. This implies assessing the risk of current and prospective growth strategies, identifying alternatives of greater value, managing resources between different business priorities and implementing delegation of authority policies for evaluation and allocation of resources;
  • Finance Transformation: change the processes and practices within the finance function in order to maximize its effectiveness and impact; transform/outsource transactional volume activities in order to increase efficiency and release resources for business support.

Apart from covering typical financial management requirements of traditional industries the tools and methodologies that we propose are scalable and adaptable to companies with differentiated strategies, service based organizations and online businesses.

Our consultant is accredited by CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK) and has a significant experience in leading and implementing financial systems, processes, tools and practices within various business sectors and organizations.

Please contact us to find out how we can cover your company’s financial management specific needs.

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