Dezvoltarea liderilor de echipă

How to Be Effective at Work – Managing Yourself

Individual thinking styles and values, effectiveness and efficiency, accountability, problem solving, communication, time management, decision-making, management of conflicts and teamwork represent very important topics for an individual’s performance. We address all of them in order to help people deliver outstanding results, by themselves, in the first place.

The program includes a wide range of activities and methods that bring a lot of interaction and dynamism to the learning process. Both the content and the format of the program will help participants to build a solid foundation of self-management skills.

Leadership for Performance – The Fundamentals

We believe that leadership potential and abilities are not linked to organizational hierarchy. Companies that want to develop leaders among their staff have to look for high potential employees in all areas of the business and at all levels, engage them into coherent development programs and give them the opportunity to lead.

The program addresses the expectations of people from their leaders in terms of personal attributes and contributions; it provides a good understanding of what leadership is through the examination of several different definitions; it engages participants into a conversation about leadership skills and ways to develop them. Most of all, it presents the values, attitudes and approaches to leadership that are linked to performance, effectiveness and results.

Change in the Workplace – How to Manage It

To some degree we all have the responsibility to initiate change in our organizations, no matter our role. But there are situations in which we are not asked to initiate and lead new changes, but to manage the ones that are already launched.

This means to understand that change is nowadays a common thing, to be ready, to accept and embrace it, to anticipate it. It also means to recognise the opportunity, to get involved, to pass the message, to contribute, to be motivated and to motivate others as well, to adapt to change and to change oneself. And it means to share the process and to enjoy its benefits.

You can find more information about these programs by visiting the Training section of our website. Please contact us to find out how can we cover the specific needs for developing the managerial skills within your company.

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