Program Co-finantare / Financing Program

The co-financing program

The program can be accessed by companies meeting the following conditions:

  • majority Romanian ownership;
  • at least two years of activity;
  • between 9 and 500 employees.

The benefits of the Co-financing Program are:

  • a significant reduction of costs for management and organizational development consulting projects (35-50%);
  • rapid undertaken of the administration stages and of the steps for obtaining financing (20-30 days);
  • low effort for validating the eligibility of the company, the project and the payments (very simple documentation);
  • rapid payment of the co-financing amounts (5 days);
  • support from a qualified/accredited consultant for undertaking the project.

ROSS Consultants helps Romanian companies to identify areas and opportunities for improving organizational performance and approaches these opportunities within projects that can benefit from co-financing.

Please contact us to find out more about the way you can access the Co-financing Program.

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